Hive Mind Pumpclip

Hive Mind

In November 2022, the Victorian Craft Beer Cafe in Halifax host the 6th installment of their Back In Black dark beer festival, so naturally we wanted to brew an interesting beer to feature at the event!

This time we have teamed up with those wonderful people at Ilkley Brewery to brew a porter imbued with locally produced honey courtesy of Dave at A Plot of Gold.

For this beer we went with a very complex malt bill which included Oats, Double Roasted Crystal Malt, Amber Malt, Roast Barley and Munich Malt amongst others(!).

For the hops we kept things simple and traditional – three charges of Fuggles and Goldings through the boil (it was a coincidence that we ended up having a couple of pints at Fuggle & Golding Tap House afterwards 😉 )

The honey supplied by A Plot of Gold was an utterly delicious blend from hives all around Calderdale. We added some to the mash, some to the boil and saved the bulk for an addition after high-krausen (a little was kept back to prime the casks).

The fantastic artwork which features on the pumpclip was designed by Jacob Greenwood Graphics

Hive Mind is a deliciously drinkable porter, perfect for the Back in Black festival.


StylePorter with honey
IngredientsBarley, Oats, Honey, Water, Yeast
Vegan?No (honey)


Any day now 😉